Maine Statewide Innovation Model:
Community Health Worker Initiative

Maine Quality Counts - The Maine SIM Delivery System Reform Subcommittee advises on SIM activities related to the scope of delivery system improvements, ensuring that SIM governance structure is informed on best practices and approaches to accomplish the SIM mission and vision, and identify key dependencies from the SIM Subcommittees for Payment Reform and Data and Analytics Infrastructure. The SIM Delivery System Reform Subcommittee will ensure the coordination and comprehensiveness of key system delivery reform order to accomplish the strategic objective to "support accountable and integrated patient-centered primary care in order to realize improved quality of care and service while positively impacting health outcomes, population health and cost." The CHW Initiative falls under the purview of the DSR and regularly reports out to this SIM subcommittee on project activities.

Maine State Innovation Model (SIM) - The CHW Initiative is one of the key workforce development strategies under the ME SIM initiative. It intends to achieve the Triple Aim goals of improving the health of Maine's population, improving the experience Maine patients have with their care, and reducing the total costs of care. The model has a foundation in emerging healthcare initiatives, promising community-based demonstration projects, and evidence-based strategies that empower consumers with long-term health conditions. At this site there is information on the SIM partners, work areas, resources, governance, etc.